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Summary of Electrical Training Course

This is a brief summary of the electrical course, which is designed for competent mechanical maintenance engineers or experienced production machine operators. Its purpose is to gain the knowledge required to enable them to locate and identify potential faults on existing electrical systems. Then rectify using appropriate methods to ensure safe, quick and effective resolution of the faults. 

The course consists of 2 sections:

Section 1:

Work with the candidate to ensure a complete understanding of the dangers and risks associated with working  within electrical control panels.
·         Help the candidate develop a structured way of thinking with regards to safety awareness, understanding & relevance of any available information as well as understanding of the basic principles of electricity.
·         Work with wiring diagrams and the components to ensure understanding of what they are and how they work.
·         Use a 24Vdc powered simulation rig, with components commonly found in plant control panels, to enable the candidate to build, test & operate various circuits which are used in the production environment.
·         Develop a structured method of carrying out the 6 main diagnostic tests that are required to fault find.
·         When the candidate is ready, work under close supervision within your equipment control panels. Carrying out structured live test procedures ensuring understanding of where and how to obtain results that are used to identify potential fault conditions. Work through various circuits within your plant to ensure complete understanding of how they all work and interact with each other.
·         Work with more advanced systems, such as PLC’s, VSD’s and configurable equipment.  

Section 2: 

Once the candidate has reached a level of competency, understanding and confidence, we start to work with them to collect the required evidence for a NVQ level 3 Engineering Maintenance as well as continuing with the training program.


We also offer similar courses based on Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic systems as well as a combination of all which can result in a Multi Skilled NVQ qualification. Each one is tailored to the individual requirements of the trainee and the company.


We offer various courses from: safe way to handle tripped out motors, up to Adult Apprenticeship in all aspects of Maintenance Engineering.


We work on an informal continuous assessment bases whilst on the training programme. When the candidate shows a full understanding of safety issues and can demonstrate a structured approach to a certain level of tasks, we can discuss with the company regarding their requirements, then carry out an agreed competence assessment. This can be used to allow various levels of restricted authorisation to carry out maintenance tasks whilst still working towards the completion of the training programme and the NVQ qualification.
This method has proven to be very successful in other companies as a way of reducing the need and cost of using external contractors for a large number of breakdown situations.

For more detailed information about any of the courses that we offer and to arrange an appointment to discuss your particular requirements give us a call or send us a message via our Contact Us page.