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To whom it may Concern. 
At the end of 2007 we found ourselves in the unfortunate position of losing one of our shift electrical technicians. We were unable to find a replacement electrician who was willing to work on the shop floor at grass roots level. In a short period of time, our downtime started to increase due to the lack of skills and ability to deal with day to day electrical issues.  

I then decided to look at the skills and abilities of our shift maintenance employees in greater depth and realised their potential. I then got Richard Palmer of IMT in to tailor an electrical training program to suit the specific requirements of our factory and to conform to the company’s ESMS (Electrical Safety Management System).  

The training program has been running at our factory for nearly 2 years with 2 staff nearing completion of their NVQ level 3 with excellent portfolios and 3 staff trained up to an intermediate level giving them the ability to work safely on the factory’s specific low voltage electrical systems. This has not only reduced the downtime element to previous levels, but has gone further where are competiveness has improved by nearly 15%.

The knock on effect is that their understanding of pneumatic and hydraulics systems has also improved along with their attitudes to dealing with other issues.
 I would recommend Richard’s training program to anybody with similar issues and training requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below should you have any further questions.  

David Bunyan
Factory Manager
Mob: 07740 934364



Callow Blockworks

Ref Industrial Maintenance Training Ltd. 
To whom it may Concern. 
Richard has been carrying out electrical training periodically for over a year now at our plant. He has also carried out similar training at a number of are other facilities.

Richard has tailored his training program very well to suit the needs & specific requirements of our business. The candidates are working towards NVQ level 3 certification & their portfolios have been of a very high standard. The tasks that Richard sets the candidates are based on real day to day problems that we experience at the plant. His training methods both theory & practical are very thorough & ensure the candidate fully understands the requirements & the implications of what they are carrying out.

Aggregate Industries have there own Electrical safety management system (ESMS). Richards training program has been developed to ensure compliance with the requirements of ESMS.

One of our candidates who is well on his way to completion of NVQ level 3 has now been assessed & passed off to carry out level 2 works under ESMS by the company senior electrical engineer. This has greatly benefited the plant as we are a 24 hour production facility & therefore this has already significantly reduced call outs.
There has also been a marked reduction in electrical breakdowns & the plant downtime percentage has improved.

The qualified site electrician is also undergoing training with Richard & I feel this has had a positive effect on his development & confidence.

I would happily recommend Richards training program to anybody with similar training requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions. 

Steve Ewles
Factory Manager. 


Torr Blocks

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

Industrial Maintenance Training Ltd (Richard Palmer)


Richard Palmer has been training my maintenance personnel in electrical skills now for almost a year and is progressing them steadily towards NVQ level 3.  One individual is now authorised to carry out level 2 work, much to the benefit of our business in reducing downtime and improving efficiency and safety as we become more independent as opposed to expensive contractors and the delayed response times this incurs.  Richard's approach is very practical and down to earth, based on real every day plant problems, and tailored specifically to our needs while meeting the requirements of the NVQ.


I'd recommend Richard and his training to anyone who has similar issues and development needs.  I'd be happy to answer further questions by phone should you wish to contact me.


Bernard Hickling

Works Manager


Re: Industrial Maintenance Training Ltd.
Mr Richard J Palmer 

I recently finished a 3 year course through Swindon College to gain City & Guilds 2330 levels 2 and 3.  After finishing the course I still felt that I was lacking some of the necessary skills and training relevant to my industry.  This is when I was put in touch with Richard Palmer through a colleague of mine.


The first meeting we had, Richard assessed what I knew and where I needed help to gain additional knowledge to assist me in my role as an industrial electrician.


The training I received was invaluable.  In such a short space of time my knowledge and confidence has been boosted to a level where I am no longer daunted by any task that arises.  His teaching methods are such that you find the answers, even if you think that you do not know the answer to begin with.  He made every aspect of the training totally understandable and was able to change his approach if something was still unclear.


I am now enrolled on an NVQ level 3 Electrical Maintenance course of which Richard is the assessor.  We are using actual tasks within the workplace to gather evidence and additional training to help with meeting criteria for the assessments as well as furthering my electrical knowledge and understanding of the systems relative to my workplace.


I now understand the principles of industrial electrical applications and have a structured method for fault finding either using electrical drawings or in the electrical panel itself.


I am very grateful to Mr Palmer for the training he has given me and for the confidence that I now have in my role.  I would not have any hesitation in recommending Mr Palmer to help any person, at any level, to gain additional knowledge with regard to industrial electrical systems and processes.

John Dowdeswell


RE: Industrial Maintenance Training Ltd, Richard Palmer

I am a machine operator working on a site who produce Block Paving.
I was asked if I would like to undergo training to become a company authorised industrial electrician.
The thought was a little daunting at first; however I am now into my 16thmonth and thoroughly enjoying the course. I have found the course fits around how I learn and is sped along at my own pace. I have gained alot personally, and have adapted new lines of thought process into how I approach tasks and problems I face within my production environment.
The company I work for is happy with the progress, and from the training I have been given undertaken many jobs enabling the plant to keep running, thus cutting down time costs.
I have been signed off to an intermediate authorisation level even though the course is ongoing, ensuring maximum utilisation of the skills I have learnt so far. This gives me and the company a good platform in which to develop further skills and knowledge with the future in mind.

In summary, the course is highly beneficial to myself and to the company I work with, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to undergo such a revolutionary and worthwhile course. I would recommend it to anyone else who requires support in improving their knowledge of industrial electrical systems.

 Musgrove                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Aggregate Industries


Callow Block Works. Keith Parsons (Shift Supervisor)

I had recently completed a NVQ level 2 in electrical engineering at college through the works programme to help give cover with electrical work.

Once completed it was suggested that through the companies directive that further training was required. Richard Palmer of Industrial Maintenance Training Ltd. came to the site and has guided me through to complete my training to a much higher level of understanding. His course is tailored to suit the workplace environment.

My levels of competence have soared because of his training methods and have enabled me to work safely in the workplace

His methods have enabled me to understand the principles of electricity and I have found through him a structured way of dealing with fault finding.

I am grateful to Richard for tailoring the training packages to the needs of the individual. His flexible approach makes the course open to all persons regardless of their level of understanding.

I am currently working through the NVQ level 3 and expect to finish it soon.


My name is Adam Booth and for the last 9 years have been employed as a maintenance fitter at Brooke Concrete Products, a manufacturer of concrete block paving. As a fitter I am responsible for keeping the plant running although we do have our fair share of breakdowns, a large proportion of these breakdowns are electrical faults and as we had no electrician on site we had to rely on contractors which caused considerable down time with a cost to the company and all the staff as we have a production related bonus scheme.
My employer had heard reports about Richard Palmer from IMT and how he could help with this problem so contacted Richard and enrolled me on an NVQ level 3 electrical training course with him. My pre conception of the course was that it would involve lots of boring class room work, reading through books and that it would be years before any real work was done, how wrong I was.

Richard has developed a training program which is easy to understand, fun to learn and gets results quickly, in just 4 visits to site ( 8 days) I reached the intermediate stage which allowed me to perform fault diagnosis on all electrical devices , this may involve testing live circuits and repair any faults I find . I have no doubt that I am performing these tasks in the safest manner and that I will find the faults quickly thus reducing downtime.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard and the guys at IMT for the work, help and guidance that they have given me and look forward to continue working with them to complete my course.


My name is Ian Curtis and I am a supervisor for a company called Brooke Concrete Products and have worked there for 15 years. Brooke Concrete has been part of Aggregate Industries now for about 6 years. 

During my time with Brooke Concrete there have been many breakdowns which we, as a company have had to call out outside contract electricians. This was frustrating on most occasions as most of the time we had a good idea of what the problem was, but had nobody with the skills to sort the problem out. This was a big cost issue as we not only had to pay for an electrician, but also had the loss of production to suffer.           

My manager has since approached me about doing an electrical course with Industrial Maintenance Training. I was initially sceptical and apprehensive about doing the course as I have little to no knowledge of any electrical systems and didn’t want to waste anybody’s time doing a course I had no chance of passing.

As it has turned out I had no need to be concerned as Richard Palmer who took the course understood my concerns and worked with me to overcome them. He found a way to make my way of thinking relevant to the learning needs of the course. Since then my confidence in working with electrics has increased immeasurably, and as a result the company’s downtime has reduced due to me being able to cure breakdowns myself.

I am very impressed with Richards training methods and would recommend Industrial Maintenance Training to anybody who required such a service.